Project Baseline UK is proud to collaborate with the following organisations:

Blue Marine Foundation

BLUE is filling a niche in the NGO world, enabling marine conservation to happen fast and effectively. What differentiates BLUE is that we are well connected and determined; we seize opportunities as they arise and get things done. We forge new partnerships and challenge the status quo.

LIFE Recreation ReMEDIES

LIFE Recreation ReMEDIES is a marine conservation partnership project to save our seabed, through seagrass restoration, education and innovation to protect and sustain our seas, funded by the EU LIFE programme and led by Natural England.

Ocean Conservation Trust

The Ocean Conservation Trust is a global ocean conservation charity acting now towards our vision of a healthy ocean.

Our Seas

Our Seas is a coalition of marine businesses, community groups, Scottish fishing associations, environmental and charitable organisations and marine recreational groups, raising awareness of the urgent need to protect our coastal seabed.


Seasearch is a project for volunteer scuba divers who have an interest in what they’re seeing under water, want to learn more and want to help protect the marine environment around the coasts of Britain and Ireland.

UK Exploration Project

The UK Exploration Project aims to locate, identify, and explore shipwrecks in British coastal waters. The objective of the research is documenting each site using a combination of video, photography, photogrammetry, 3-D models and sketches. The current preservation state and any environmental factors affecting the wrecks will also be investigated. It is hoped that further exploration of any unidentified wrecks will yield enough data for formal identification.

University of Chester

The University of Chester is a higher education institution in the UK.


BARDOCreative is a multi-skilled creative agency run by acclaimed underwater photographer Jason Brown that offers design, marketing and photography services exclusively to the diving industry. In addition, BARDOCreative offers commercial clients a unique collection of eye-catching imagery available to licence. Jason is actively involved in a number of high-profile dive industry events including EUROTEK, TEKCamp and Go Diving. He also contributes regularly to the diving press worldwide.

Halcyon Dive Systems

Halcyon began as a group of divers who knew exactly what they wanted but couldn’t find it in a dive store. Their passion for diving led them to designing wings and lights to satisfy their diving. They soon discovered that they were not alone in their pursuit of equipment that could radically improve every diver’s comfort; from the newest recreational diver to supporting divers doing the most aggressive technical dives ever completed. The founders, owners, and senior management have a long history as diving pioneers, with diverse backgrounds, ranging from academia to manufacturing to consulting. They all share one common thread: each of their log books records of an average of 20 years of diving.


Sea-changers is a UK marine conservation charity, managed by a small team of volunteers who love the UK’s seas, shores and wildlife. The charity gives grants to UK based organisations for conservation and research projects.

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