UK Exploration Project

Introducing the project

The UK Exploration Project team aims to locate, identify, explore and document shipwrecks in British coastal waters. Neil Powell describe the aims of the project.

“The research will focus on documenting some of the basic data of each site, using a combination of video, photography, photogrammetry, 3-D models and sketches. The current preservation state and any environmental factors affecting the wrecks will also be investigated. It is hoped that further exploration of any unidentified wrecks will yield enough data for formal identification..”


The waters around the south coast of the UK have a rich history of shipping, from naval ships to sailing boats these waters contain hundreds of shipwrecks, many of which have never been identified. The local community is very proud of its maritime history and adding further to the current archives of shipwreck data will be invaluable.


English Channel Wreck Site 1

English Channel Wreck Site 3

English Channel Wreck Site 5

English Channel Wreck Site 2

English Channel Wreck Site 4

English Channel Wreck Site 6