Project Baseline UK collaborates with BLUE

Project Baseline UK are pleased to announce an exciting new collaboration with Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE) starting this year.

BLUE is a leading charity dedicated to restoring the ocean to health by addressing overfishing. Their amazing recent film ‘Lyme Bay: The Road to Recovery’ sets a baseline for successful habitat recovery and reinstatement of sustainable fishing practices.

Lyme Bay: The Road to Recovery, a film by BLUE

Project Baseline UK will be supporting some of BLUE’s ongoing projects by providing divers to conduct surveys and collect data on marine habitat health. Project Baseline UK volunteers are experienced in conducting scientific dives in challenging conditions and at depths of over 40m. Combined with BLUE’s existing capabilities, Project Baseline UK aims to help extend the range and resolution of future surveys.

In May 2021 Project Baseline UK will be joining BLUE to undertake a week of survey diving and documentation in Berwickshire. To find out more about BLUE and their existing work in the area visit

More information about the Berwickshire project will be shared on Project Baseline UK social media channels in the run up to the event.

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