About Project Baseline UK

We are a team of skilled volunteer divers passionate about citizen science. Using effective teamwork and scientific diving techniques we document aquatic sites around the UK to raise awareness of environmental challenges. Our national team of divers can be used to collect reliable, quality data in support of research and conservation efforts.


Project Baseline UK is a charity registered in England with HM Revenue & Customs (No. ZD12557)

Project Baseline UK is a charity established for the public benefit. It is concerned with the aquatic environment in the UK and overseas. If funds exploration, documentation and protection of the aquatic environment by scuba divers. The charity achieves its objectives in particular, but not exclusively, by the application of documentation and scientific diving techniques, underwater exploration, the production of project reports and the lobbying of government bodies to enact change for the benefit of the aquatic environment.


Data collection

Water and sediment sampling. Transect and quadrat wildlife surveys. Conductivity measurements etc.


Still photographs and photogrammetry models for documentation and communication.

Dive management

Self-supporting teams able to supervise and manage all aspects of the diving operations. Deep diving to 50+ metres using helium-containing breathing gases.


Video surveys. Production of explainer films.